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General Information

Nodes' Color



NREM sleep


REM sleep


sub-stages that do not have a clear mapping to any of the three known stages.


Nodes correspond to the observed sub-stages, edges to transitions between them. Edges have been colored with the color of the source node.

Moving on the graph allows to search for sub-graphs of connected nodes. Hover over a node to see its id and connections.

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Overall graph was built using all the data of experiment 1.
Mixed Background, CD1, C57BL/6J graphs were built computing the transitions for the mixed background, the CD1 and the C57BL/6J mouse strain, respectivelly.

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Data Access

All electrophysiological datasets used for the experiments can be downloaded with user name and password, which can be requested at this email address: Pavistech 

This data can be used uniquely for research purposes. A reference to this website is required in any type of publication that employs this data.